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Blood of the word or blood of the gun: The paths are not mutually contradictictory; but, the former, infinitely preferable in human terms.

The “swyving” of the bards a pre-“modern” form of modern “diplomacy”; the Games between champions, a form of ventilating irrational blood debt feud and battle lust. Circuses of the vile.

This special pleading cuts little ice.

So what?

Creativity, in all forms, goes against the dead hand of the “Grain”, and does not plead to beg from the pauper’s bowl for a few draps of porridge casually flicked into by their “Maisters”.

Perhaps, we need to re-learn the “fuck you back to you” attitude of our forebears in all its senses (pre-bourgoised by the Brit kailyard).

Hogg could have kicked ass out of all this anodyne, “theoretical”, “intellectual” trembling – baby tootsies in freezing watter?


Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

Maan News Agency | May 31, 2012

TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Three Israeli policemen were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of beating and stealing from Palestinian workers in Jerusalem, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

A police representative told an Israeli court on Thursday that Uziel Hanun, Osama al-Sahly and Reuven Dhokerker regularly used threats to escort Palestinian workers into alleys in the Old City.

“Those who didn’t have money were beaten and sent home, those who did were also beaten, and their money stolen,” the court was told.

Hanun, al-Sahly and Dhokerker were arrested Wednesday after being caught “in the act,” Haaretz reported.

Police officials believe the robberies were systematic, the report said.

The police officers allegedly attacked a worker from Ramallah and took his wages. He then had to ask for money to get home, the police representative told the court.


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The Ben Lomond Free Press

Sometime today this blog will receive its millionth ‘hit’ since I started it in January 2008.

With over 150 followers getting posts sent by email (I know it says 116 on the left there but the actual figure is higher) , the blog itself doesn’t get quite so many hits as it used to but I’m pleased that more than 350 visitors a day still look in.

I’m taking a wee break just now but should be back in a couple of days.

Thanks for visiting and if one of these daft wee flash things pops up saying that you’re the 1000,000th visitor and you’ve won an iPad, click on it.

You never know!

Edited to add:

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Racism has become the new political correctness in Israel.

Some 1 million Russians came here, about half of them non-Jews, and Israel knew how to absorb them. They are white. Tens of thousands of Africans came here and they are the new enemy. They are black.


Israel is the most naive and racist country in the West

The migrants are less of a danger than what people think. The real danger is the way they are being treated.

By Gideon Levy

Israel is both the most racist and most naive country in the West. Racist, because in no other country can politicians make remarks about migrants as they do here and still remain in office another day; naive, because only now has Israel discovered the problem that has been facing the “first world” for years. Only in Israel can a parliamentarian from the ruling party describe the…

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When I was growing up in Ireland and it came to playing that age old game of “Cowboys and Indians” it was always noticeable to me that no one wanted to play a cowboy. All of us, instinctively as it must have then been, wanted to be Indians. Why is that? Were we the exception? Do kids in Ireland still feel like that?

Actually, does anyone play Cowboys and Indians anymore? Probably not, unless one counts Red Dead Redemption.

However, I have always had an abiding interest in Native Americans affairs, as regular readers of An Sionnach Fionn will have realised. From one native to another, as it were. It is something that I find that most Celtic Nationalists share. Perhaps suitably then the story below came to my attention because of the efforts of long-time Scottish language activist and teacher Finlay MacLeoid to publicise it.

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Think Left

Newsnight BBC2 May 30th 2012

‘Nobel laureate Paul Krugman takes down a fat cat Tory donor and a Tea Party Tory MP on BBC Newsnight, admonishing their austerity lust and cuts hunger.’ Left Foot Forward

John Moulton of Better Capitol ltd. and Andrea Leadsome MP attempted to argue for Osborne’s austerity programme with Paul Krugman, but merely succeeded in looking completely absurd. Krugman likened ‘austerity’ to bloodletting.. the more blood lost, the weaker the patient becomes… not only does ‘austerity’ shrink the size of the economy in the short term, but also for the future.

The most frightening aspect of the whole interview was that Andrea Leadsome actually seemed to believe what she was saying!

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Time-travelling reporting with the Guardian – news 24 hours in advance!

Oh well. Let us hope they are right and the NÍL side have it. But the turn-out in my local polling station this evening was self-evidently low, despite the traditional after-supper rush. You could hear the tumble-weed rolling.

And what will the Golden Circle make of that, TÁ or NÍL?  Prepare for the spin-cycle, a chairde.

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