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April 24, 2012

A Burdz Eye View

Continuing the thread on ACTA and all things internet, today’s guest post is from Phil Hunt, who is an internet entrepreneur and Pirate Party activist living in Edinburgh. He blogs at Amused Cynicism and is currently standing for election to Edinburgh Council for the Pirate Party in Meadows/Morningside ward.  His views are controversial but still worth a read!

Politicians sometimes say (and do) things that internet users think are clueless. Why is this? Politicians want people to vote for them, so they don’t deliberately come across as stupid. Furthermore, they know the internet is important to the economy, and don’t deliberately want to sabotage it.

So why do politicians so often say things that give off the wrong tone? I think there are a number of systemic reasons for this.

(1) They are not digital natives
The terms “digital natives” and “connected generation” both refer to people who grew…

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