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April 25, 2012

A Burdz Eye View

For over 100 years, the need to reform the Upper House of the UK Parliament, the House of Lords, has been mooted.  Sometimes vocally, sometimes as a muttered threat.  Governments of both hues have come and gone, attempts have been made, and the Lords continue to live to fight another day.  It, rather than we, appears to have discovered the secret of eternal life.

Tony Blair had most success in noising it up, but he managed, either on purpose or by compromise, to replace one tribe of unelected, unrepresentative members with a different set.  His shift to appointees has been seized upon with glee by the current Prime Minister, David Cameron, who has since coming to power in 2010, stuffed the red benches with his own cronies – 117 of them to be exact.

And yet, for all the faults in its DNA, the House of Lords does and…

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