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April 25, 2012

A Burdz Eye View

It’s a standard question in candidate application forms.  Do you agree to support all of the party’s policies at all times (or similar)?  Yes, most aspiring politicians say.

Yet in 1998, Stephen Maxwell did not.  He was asked to explain himself during the selection process and honestly and candidly, said that there were aspects of party policy which troubled him.  That if elected, he could not – hand on heart – say that he would always support party position without at least questioning it.  He failed.

On appeal, the same issue was explored.  Stephen tried to explain.  He wasn’t trying to be difficult and he could not actually think of areas where he might disagree with the whipped line in the group – Europe aside – but still, he did not want to say that he never would.  If he were to disagree with some policy or position, which he…

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