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April 27, 2012

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

PIC – April 27, 2012 – Khalid Amayreh

A small supremacist Jewish group is launching a smear campaign against a number of professors and academics on North American campuses for daring to criticize racist Israeli policies against native Palestinians.

The group, called Campus Watch and headed by David Horowitz, an extremist Zionist stalwart, has published advertisements inciting to hatred against a number of prominent professors on American campuses.

The academics are accused of vilifying Israel and of indulging in hate speech that would endanger the very existence of the apartheid Israeli state.

However, it is widely thought that the witch-hunt campaign is aimed first and foremost at silencing legitimate criticisms of murderous and brutal Israeli practices. College campuses are considered the last bastion of liberalism in the United States where right-wing Jewish robber barons and Christian Zionist groups are joining forces to suppress freedom of speech and expression.

Howowitz and…

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