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April 27, 2012

Auld Acquaintance

She may not make the best political leader, she may not be able to read a script without tripping over its words, she may not even posses the debating skills of a 5 year old, but suddenly a new career opens up in front of Johann Lamont over night. She has suddenly developed a rather unfortunate skill of fortune telling.

So let us watch on as she plied this new trade in the Holyrood circus at First Ministers question time.
Enter Wee Eck as she called him….Sit doon right there Wee Eck she says, with all the the authority of a grannie telling the wean to sit doon for his tea.
Now lets see whit you have got in your hand…C’mon..Open it up!
Aha…Whats this I see? Oh deary me ..tut tut tut….you have been oot playing with those bad Boys Trump and Murdoch again…and you’ve been getting a bruising…

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