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April 29, 2012



40,000 sing protest Breivik with a song he hates

(Photos and Video below)


Forty thousand Norwegians flooded the streets of Oslo in the pouring rain to defy mass murderer Anders Breivik after he derided the popular children’s song “Children of the Rainbow” as a Marxist tool to brainwash children.

The size of the crowd meant that an amazing one in every fifteen of Oslo’s 613,000 residents showed up to the rally.

Underneath a canopy of umbrellas in Oslo’s central square, tens of thousands sang the 1970s children’s song, which celebrates the very multicultural world Breivik so despises. Similar demonstrations were held throughout the country, in the social media-organized event.

After singing, people walked several blocks to the courthouse where Breivik is currently on trail, laying roses on the steps of the courthouse and the building’s security fence in memory of those he killed in a bombing and shooting…

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