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April 29, 2012

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

Palestinian Christians are no different than other Palestinians. We all suffer the same.

Thursday, April 26 2012| Omar Rahman | 972 Magazine

There have already been a number of articles written in response to CBS’s 60 Minutesreport about Christians in the Holy Land. The sexy story in all this appears to be Michael Oren’s interview with Bob Simon of 60 Minutes, and the attempt by Israel, its embassy in the United States and syndicate of lobbying groups to prevent the report in some capacity from airing.

The real story told in this piece has been to some degree overshadowed by the Michael Oren story, but also lacks appeal because it does not ultimately stray too far from the accepted argument about why Palestinian Christians are leaving the Holy Land—only enough to make the Israeli government sweat and overreact in characteristic fashion.

While the report makes some good…

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