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April 29, 2012


 First a look at NOWPhotos ©by Bud Korotzer
Read the following brilliant essayby Jacob Remes

May Day’s Radical History: What Occupy Is Fighting for This May 1st

Occupy actions planned on May Day are tied to the generations-long movement for the eight-hour day, to immigrant workers, to police brutality and repression of the labor movement.
Click HERE to read the entire essay …

May Day – 1947

by Howard Fast

This is a tale

. . . but not for all of you! Only for those of you who love life, and who would live it as free men. Not for all of you, but for those of you who hate injustice and wrong, who find no good in starvation, misery and homelessness. For those of you who remember when twelve million unemployed looked…

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