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April 30, 2012

This repetition of tragedy as farce is becoming unacceptably repetitious. Maoist re-education didn’t work due to Deng-type elements undermining progress with their multiple-colored cats chasing the self-same progeny of the rabid, money hungry mice: A bas the lot of them – into the traps since reflection and genuine learning does not seem to work (Marx correct about these parasite, global “elites” surrendering not an inch without blood and steel self-defense of their interests unto the point of nuclear/bacteriological immolation of the untermensch as well as the peripheral übermensch?).
A multiple-front struggle across the globe, true globalisation and internationalisation?

John Riddell

Economic collapse drives workers into hunger and destitution. Foreign powers extort huge payments, forcing the national economy toward bankruptcy. The government forces workers to pay the costs of capitalist crisis.

This description of Greece in 2012 applies equally to Germany in 1921.

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