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May 1, 2012

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

Was looking online for pieces about last weekends ULA Conference.
I came across Revolutionary Programmes report of the Conference

Then what popped up only the latest from the SWP on the Future of the United Left Alliance
Which the writer reckons….

is an organisation that is in decline as a result of incessant internal wrangling, poor tactical judgement and a failure to give a lead to the broader left.

The SWP suggest that

If the United Left Alliance is to grow, it needs to look at four central issues.

And these are

1 -Beyond Electoralism – Become an Organisation of Struggle.

2 -Break with Sectarianism – for an open, broad left

3 Democracy – Membership Participation.

4- A 32 county organisation, North and South.

Each point is expanded upon in the article.

As one who hopes that the ULA is a success , I hope all these gripes can be…

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