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May 2, 2012

A Burdz Eye View

Some people need to get out more.  Doesn’t matter where, just some place where there are real people who can tell them what is important and what is not.

Housing associations adjusting their operational plans for 2013 to include the establishment of soup kitchens – that’s important.  The UK Government about to start monitoring everyone’s emails and web activity – that’s important.  Children not being able to count very well at the age of 13 – that’s not just important, it’s a disgrace.

So how come, the politicians (opposition corps, of course) and the meeja (Scotland’s two quality newspapers in particular) decided yesterday that the most important thing happening in Scotland at this particular time was the Scottish Government allowing anonymous submissions to be made to its independence referendum?

An attempt to rig the result of the consultation, cried some – though no one made clear to whom such anonymity…

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