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May 4, 2012


Bird on Barbed Wire

This one was written while Matt was in prison and describes his anguish and heart break as what he sees from his cell window: 

Bird on Barbed Wire


From barred cell winder there i spy,

Poor sea bird that is doomed to die.

I watch his wings – how wild the flap

In hopes to free from deathly trap

I see that bird with head hung doon,

The murderous wire, its leg, wrapped roon.


Oh bird that thrilled with daring flight,

That this should be thy deathly plight.

No more you’ll soar to sweep the sky,

Nor let the currents bear the high.

For barberous wire now holds thee tight,

From death my friend, there is no flight!


Blind victim of that blood wire

How soon your wings must surely tire.

The wind and see will call to you,

In whispers soft, their fond…

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