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May 5, 2012

A Burdz Eye View

UPDATE:  Thanks to the BBC deciding to use a bizarre modelling of seats and gains/losses, the figures are shite.  This is now the longest post ever and the accurate ones will be posted below.  Why did the BBC decide to use the parties as they were before the election rather than the time-honoured results at the last elections approach?  Naturally, the Nationalists sense a Labour-biased plot.  But the Labour figures are wrong for Glasgow so the BBC has managed to upset them too.  Can we all complain please, in a hitherto unknown breakout of party unity?

The worrying thing is that everyone will rely on this, including the Electoral Commission, as an accurate and authoritative source.  Very poor show from the BBC.

I think I’ve fixed it all but if not, post a comment with the right result and I will amend accordingly.

A run through the state of…

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