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May 7, 2012

Auld Acquaintance

Alan Cockrain of the Telegraph has been talking pish again!
In fact he rarely does otherwise in his embittered column in that paper.
The Bearded one shows all the irrational fixation, bitterness, malice,and hostile stalking behaviour of a rejected unrequited lover.
Goodness knows, he may be utterly distraught and broken hearted over Alex Salmond, but the poor sad fixated Cochers needs urgent help, before the men in white coats drag him ranting and raving away, as they take him to a safe secure place.

Here are some of his most recent samples from his last article.

Less to celebrate after vote than smug Salmond thinks
Shouting ‘we won’ does not mask fact that his obsession with separation put off many at local elections”

What evidence does Cochers have that Independence had any part to play in the Local elections? What evidence does he provide that Independence put anybody off…

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