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May 8, 2012

Auld Acquaintance

Yesterday was a somewhat perplexing day, as word filtered out about the discussions between the parties in the aftermath of the results of the Council elections on Friday.
The interpretations spun about the results by the BBC and Unionist supporting papers, and commentators, had been extensively trashed over the weekend as the figures began to be properly analysed.
Some focus was still spent on Glasgow and Labours surprising Majority hold there. There had even been whispers that the SNP had been punished by some football supporting Glaswegians for their introduction of the Sectarian Bill, and also for the mild support given to Rangers as a major business by the First Minister, hoping that the club would be saved and the possible impact their loss may mean to their traditional rivals Celtic. In effect that the SNP had been attacked by supporters of both sides.
Whether there was much truth or…

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