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May 8, 2012

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

Well, hats off to a misleading and muddleheaded piece in Slate on the events of the weekend. Anne Applebaum attempts to get to grips with those events and fails pretty miserably. And another hat off to the picture editor who decided that the best way to illustrate a story about ‘extreme parties on the march in Europe’ was to show an unflattering photograph of Hollande. That’s crass, in the extreme, but Applebaum’s analysis is not that much more nuanced.

She argues:

Congratulations are due to the new president of France: Francois Hollande finished off Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday with a few percentage points to spare. Congratulations of another sort are due to Syriza, also known as the Coalition of the Radical Left, a party that made major gains in Sunday’s Greek parliamentary elections, as well as Golden Dawn, a party whose symbol looks like a swastika and whose candidates earned…

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