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May 9, 2012


Apparently the Scottish National Party received an electoral drubbing in the local elections held in Scotland last week. Or so claims the British nationalist media (notably the BBC), and the Labour Party, Tories, Lib Dems and just about every Greater England amadán-with-a-keyboard.

However, jump outside the BritNat spin and what happens to all those salient factoids of alleged SNP woes? From Newsnet Scotland:

“According to BBC Scotland, Labour gained an extra 58 councillors to the SNP’s 57 after Friday’s count.  However it has emerged that the more accurate figures indicate the SNP gained 61 councillors to Labour’s 48.

Others who disagree with BBC Scotland’s figures include Scottish Television who accurately reported a 61 seat gain for the SNP against a 48 seat gain for Labour.  Respected commentator Gerry Hassan also gives as the figure for SNP gains as 61.

However several national newspapers appear to have picked up BBC…

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