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May 9, 2012

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

From the Irish Times editorial earlier this week on the Hollande victory…

Ireland along with all the other members of the EU has a central interest in finding such solutions and would be best positioned to seek them by staying within the developing regime. States such as Italy and Spain are equally challenged by these wider developments in European politics and will be seeking to influence the emerging policy agenda, irrespective of their particular left or right-wing alignment. But Mr Hollande’s victory clearly heralds a rebalancing towards the centre left after a period of centre-right dominance.

If that was, in an odd way, enjoyable – at least as a yardstick to measure where the IT now stands, what of the most recent editorial on the matter? First there’s the argument that no government is ‘willing, or indeed able, to provide strong leadership’. And it points the finger directly at the…

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