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May 12, 2012

Pride's Purge


Our fearless reporter, Tom Pride, has managed to hack into the Prime Minister’s phone and he’s recorded this interesting conversation today between David Cameron and Rupert Murdoch which may shed some light on recent policy decisions made by the government:

Cameron: Hi Rupert.

Murdoch: What is it David. I’m busy.

Cameron: Just a quick one.

Murdoch: I’m Rupert, not Rebekah.

Cameron: Oh yes, very good, very droll. Just wanted to check something with you.

Murdoch: I’m waiting.

Cameron: OK. Well, you know when you sent me that text message just before the last election telling me you were going to back me for Prime Minister?

Murdoch: I’m still waiting.

Cameron: Well, you wrote –  I’ll only back you if you promise to privatise everything including everyone’s grandmother LOL.

Murdoch: (sigh) Yes……..

Cameron: The LOL meant you were…

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