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May 12, 2012


We have become his worst nightmare 😉
Alan Dershowitz has a dream, one that is probably shared by many of his ilk, but one that is as much divorced from reality as he is himself.
Alan Dershowitz believes that radicals can be defeated.
In a day where we finally see the 99% rising up against the1% on an international scale, including with positions condemning Israel’s occupation and ethnic cleansing. We see the International BDS Movement growing by leaps and bounds… not to mention the growing number of demonstrations and walkouts that follow every spokesman for zionism on every US Campus (including himself). All of the above include scores of non zionist Jews as well…
The reality is that there are many open-minded people, even in Europe and on university campuses. ….. Exactly why his thougts are nothing more than a dream.
This is what…

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