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May 14, 2012

Bits and Pieces

I have recently attempted to find out more about the SNP and the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence from the UK. Having sullied myself in the gloom and depression of mud-slinging from both sides I have come to the following conclusion. Democracy is balls, or at least what we think it means is… The SNP are harping on about your Scotland, your future or whatever… but the people are not choosing are they? I mean really? Most of the voting public will have an opinion based solely on who they have spoken to most recently i.e. a nationalist zealot or a unionist fanatic. So basically the side with the better publicity/propaganda/more money will win, and the ‘public’ is not choosing. The public just becomes an extension of a propaganda drive. OK, so this may be better than being lined up and shot or forced to do whatever the regime says etc, but let us not…

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