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May 15, 2012

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

…in the Daily Mail, conducted by Jason O’Toole. It’s interesting to see why Ganley, who seemed to foreswear political activity not that long ago, has returned to the fray. It will be even more interesting to see if there is an effect. Certainly he was able to shepherd a right of centre, indeed fairly far to the right of centre critique of the EU during Lisbon I.

Anyhow, what’s his line now?

Mr Ganley uses this combative interview to throw down the gauntlet and publicly challenge the Taoiseach – who he is accusing of running scared – to a ‘proper debate’ on the treaty. ‘I’d love to debate him, but I doubt he’ll do it. Look, if you’re a leader you lead. He is refusing to debate on this in the same way that he’s refused to cut a deal on bondholders and banks. ‘They told us before the last…

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