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May 17, 2012

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

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Sarsak and Al-Rikhawi

PNN News Network | May 17, 2012

On Thursday, 17th May, a report issued by Palestinian Prisoners’ society revealed that three Palestinians still continue with their hunger strike since 17th April, despite the signed agreement between the Israeli prisons’ administration and Palestinian prisoners. The striking-prisoners are: Mahmoud Sarsak, Akram al-Rekhawi and Mohammad Abdul Aziz, who are now in the hospital of al-Ramlah Israeli prison.

Israeli authorities had made a deal with Mahmoud Sarsak, a Palestinian detainee who is on his 61 days of Hunger Strike that he would be released on 1 July, yet Israel subsequently broke the deal, so he never broke the hunger strike.

The two other prisoners, Akram al-Rikhawi and Mohammad Abdul Aziz’s demands were that they would be allowed to be presented again before the Military Court.

Sarsak is from Gaza Strip, who was detained in 2009, Akram al-Rikhawi is from Gaza and…

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