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May 24, 2012


One in particular is the Boycott of settlement products
Recent events in Denmark and South Africa regarding the Israeli Boycott have renewed discussions in Israel itself… Below is the latest from Gideon Levy as well as a short video as to what the Boycott means and why. There is another video at the end of the post.
Yes, the new South Africa can teach Israel a lesson in the war against racism; and yes, Israel can teach the world a lesson in racism. It has once again been proven that Israel’s chutzpah knows no bounds: Israel, of all countries, accuses South Africa, of all countries, of being racist. Is there anything more ridiculous?

Boycotting the settlements is justified

Labeling products from the settlements should have been an obvious move a long time ago, as a guide to the intelligent and involved consumer.

By Gideon Levy
Ahava products.

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