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Scotland the Brave*

May 26, 2012

Engage Abroad!

On a British Airways flight to London from Edinburgh we were surprised to hear the lead attendant announce that someone would be coming through the cabin with landing cards and that we should have our passports handy.   The flight was only an hour and a bit in length and at the time of departure Scotland had still been part of the UK – had things changed in mid-flight? I asked as much in jest to the Scottish man next to me who said “It’s only London! There won’t be passport controls!” in a voice that managed to convey friendliness to me but annoyance about the announcement.  Some years ago, the entire plane would have laughed but not today. Today, everyone recognizes that Scottish independence could happen, which is not to say it will happen. What has led Scotland to this pass is an interesting question.

Many Americans owe their citizenship…

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