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Sceptics Demand Referendum On Eurovision Pull Out

May 27, 2012

Pride's Purge

Conservative rebels are pushing for an in-or-out referendum on the Eurovision Song Contest after a Guardian/ICM poll showed they are backed by some 70% of voters who say they would consider voting for UK withdrawal of the song festival – mainly because we never seem to get even close to winning it.

But David Cameron will make the case against staging a Eurovision referendum, by arguing that regardless of the public’s feelings on the obviously dire state of European musical tastes, winning the contest is currently one of the government’s most pressing priorities today.

Mr Cameron explained the government’s keenness to remain part of Eurovision:

As everyone knows, my government has made a complete mess of the economy, the NHS and nearly everything else we’re in charge of so we’re pinning our hopes on winning Eurovision in 2015 to give us a boost before the next election.

Ukip leader, Nigel Farage…

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