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May 28, 2012

A Burdz Eye View

This anonymous guest post delivers a devastating critique of the Beecroft report, from the viewpoint of a trade unionist who is a Unite workplace representative.  The guest’s views are their own and not that of the union they are a member of.  Our guest is also keen to point out that they are not a legal expert and notes that “it would appear from the report, neither is Beecroft.”

There is nothing of merit in this report and much that will damage employees, and eventually employee/employer relations. Beecroft contains many red line issues for the Labour/Trade Union movement, largely as the result of the dismantling of hard won rights and the disproportionate effect it will have on low income workers and women.

The first myth to dispel is the idea of a causal link between lax labour market regulation and growth, which Beecroft implies, given that the UK…

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