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May 28, 2012

Madkentdragon's Blog

Would you go to work and pay for it out of your own pocket?

Well that’s what a lot of dairy farmers have to do! These farmers are receiving less per litre of milk than it costs to produce, and it’s getting worse.

The breakeven price for milk should be, according to accountants, just over 37pence per litre – but the big conglomerates of supermarkets pay 26 pence for that litre, leaving the average dairy farmer with a loss which has to be funded from their own pocket; surely this cannot be fair?

Pretty portraits of milk-maids with the yoke and two buckets full of milk lay in the past, and no milk can be sold at the farm gate unless it is pasteurised. Today’s farms, with their mechanical milking parlours cost money, but less than the man-power would to hand milk – and more hygienic.

Cows – OK you…

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