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May 30, 2012

Mike Vickers' Blog


This will be more of a Thought Dump than a blog.

The high topic in Scotland is of course Independence.  Last week’s particular high spot was the ‘Yes’ extravaganza where all the great and the good who support Independence were on stage welcoming the future Yes vote at the Referendum in October 2014.  Well that’s what it was billed as but if you read Lesley Riddoch’s column in today’s Scotsman it went somewhat flat  – perhaps a more balanced assessment may be heard on her pod with Chris Smith –

I also commend to the reader:

Burdzeye puts forward ten points for Scottish Independence and how Scotland could be a much more egalitarian country given Independence.  But as he kindly admits many of these are achievable already with the powers that the Scottish Government has through devolution.  Only taxation looks to be the one not available…

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