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May 30, 2012

Pride's Purge

Advanced Driving Skills & Tips

by David Cameron

Don’t be put off by the apparent difficulty of these maneuvers – you’ll be amazed how easy some of these tricky moves are to execute once you’ve been in power for a bit.

I admit I’m not an expert as yet – unlike say Tony Blair or Margaret Thatcher – who were able to expertly turn, twist and spin their policies so fast that the strong smell of principles burning could be detected everywhere. However, I can assure you after very little time in power it will become second nature to you and with practice you will also be able to get your government to spin, do u-turns and be just as evasive as they were.

First out the bag …

The Handbrake U-Turn

Not just any u-turn but a turnaround so fast no-one will even remember that just a moment ago you…

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