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May 31, 2012

Think Left

By Liam Carr

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A protestor at the Leveson Enquire accused Tony Blair of war crimes. He may well have a point.  I was one of the million or so people who marched in protest against going to war in Iraq. But despite what I think about that one decision, I do not vilify Blair as much as some Labour supporters do.

His priorities were in order.  Education reform made a noticeable difference.  Investment in health was also welcomed, even if the way the money was raised, has since been called into question.

Blair was also electable, which is important.   A Labour government will always be better for people from normal backgrounds than a Tory one. Even a Labour government, with what many on the Left of politics would see as far too neo-liberal, will offer more protection to the vulnerable than this ideologically driven Coalition.

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