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June 1, 2012


When I was growing up in Ireland and it came to playing that age old game of “Cowboys and Indians” it was always noticeable to me that no one wanted to play a cowboy. All of us, instinctively as it must have then been, wanted to be Indians. Why is that? Were we the exception? Do kids in Ireland still feel like that?

Actually, does anyone play Cowboys and Indians anymore? Probably not, unless one counts Red Dead Redemption.

However, I have always had an abiding interest in Native Americans affairs, as regular readers of An Sionnach Fionn will have realised. From one native to another, as it were. It is something that I find that most Celtic Nationalists share. Perhaps suitably then the story below came to my attention because of the efforts of long-time Scottish language activist and teacher Finlay MacLeoid to publicise it.

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