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June 1, 2012

Blood of the word or blood of the gun: The paths are not mutually contradictictory; but, the former, infinitely preferable in human terms.

The “swyving” of the bards a pre-“modern” form of modern “diplomacy”; the Games between champions, a form of ventilating irrational blood debt feud and battle lust. Circuses of the vile.

This special pleading cuts little ice.

So what?

Creativity, in all forms, goes against the dead hand of the “Grain”, and does not plead to beg from the pauper’s bowl for a few draps of porridge casually flicked into by their “Maisters”.

Perhaps, we need to re-learn the “fuck you back to you” attitude of our forebears in all its senses (pre-bourgoised by the Brit kailyard).

Hogg could have kicked ass out of all this anodyne, “theoretical”, “intellectual” trembling – baby tootsies in freezing watter?


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